Virtual painting

Image divided into 10927 NFTs

  • Painting is being sold on the platform

  • There are 10927 elements as NTF tokens.

  • Each token is a unique and unchangeable part of the painting.

  • Token sale is divided into 19 sessions (from 1 to 19).

  • Every sale’s session starts after the previous one has ended.

  • In each session the rewards are given randomly to participants of the specific session.

  • Total amount of rewards in the 19 sessions is equal to 240.

  • There are three types of rewards in each session - x10 reward, VIP reward and Airdrop

  • Rewards are given by an algorithm which randomly chooses participants (wallets) who took part in buying tokens in one of the sessions.

  • The trade in aftermarket is possible while buying tokens

  • Rewards will be given also periodically to the participants who have at least one ART token (one element of the painting).

  • Rewards will also be given to the participants (wallets) who claimed the significant amount of tokens.

  • Airdrop in the ART erc20 token is awarded by a smart contract to every NFT buying wallet

The owner of a wallet containing all items (10927 ART) will receive the grand prize. The prize will be paid automatically via the smart contract to the wallet containing all the pieces of the image.

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