Decentralized governance

Profit payout for the team

Each payout is secured against a one-person payout of funds accumulated as profit for the team building the decentral-art platform. The amount of payment of funds accumulated in the smart contract is determined by voting on the team's wallets.

Multisig wallets are used to control a smart contract, requiring signatures from at least 51% of all signatories to perform an action. The team may be joined by other people who will receive a payment to a wallet in ETH or an ART token. The decision to join the team is made by the signatories of the entire team.

Joining the team is simultaneous with connecting your wallet - connecting your wallet gives you the right to vote in future decisions and joining new people / wallets, removing people / wallets, the amount of payout and withdrawals from the corporate contract portfolio.

This solution increases security against burglary, i.e. taking over the private key of one of the wallets determining the payment. Also increase the confidence of the entire international team in yourself.

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