Decentralized Autonomous Organization

The company's statute is saved in a smartcontract

The company's statute is saved in a smartcontract Our main assumption is to create tokenization of a project based on a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO). At DecentralArt, we believe that in the near future, every blockchain-based company will have to move towards decentralization in which the statute is written in code, and not on a piece of paper lying in the "closet". DecentralArt UNI enables the creation of a blockchain project in which the community of originators and investors will make decisions within the company. We have created a DAO Page where investors will have an influence on the company's decision using the ART token. Thanks to this solution, investors have greater control over the company's activities, while newly built tools and derivative projects will gain a strong community that both controls the project but also inspires the introduction of new solutions. We believe that the future of business is decentralization.

Who runs uni.DecentralArt?

The first stage was invented by a team of originators, artists, investors and programmers. In the second, only the most dedicated DAO members and the core team led the project, and the community as a whole and its interests were explored and deeply taken into account. In the third stage, we create DAO and move to decentralization, currently we are building a tool that will be a decision-making process through voting proposals supported by Snapshot.

Uni.decentralArt DAO is a decentralized autonomous organization that controls the most important elements and resources of the uni.decentralArt platform. The owner of the smart contracts is uni.decentralArt DAO, including the VOTE contract, which is registered on the Ethereum blockchain with the address 0x7ED0B554bfB1519DE995F630bDDe7159650fa13a. In addition to its functionality, this contract also has a COMPANY wallet, which is operated under the domain https://vote-uni.decentral-art.com/. This allows uni.decentralArt DAO to operate autonomously and subsidize various operations and initiatives on the uni.decentralArt.com platform.

Artists are volcanoes bursting with ideas. We want every artist to have an impact on how DecentralArt will look. We believe that the community will develop a tool tailored to each other.


We design the tool. More items will appear here.

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