Real oil painting

The physical version of the painting

Oil painting on canvas

The artwork was painted by an outstanding painter, using oil paint on linen canvas, dimensions: 1500 x 3000 cm

  • Painting will be placed in one of the art galleries in Europe.

  • The painting will change its location visiting different cities around the world.

  • The painting will be available to visitors (only parts already bought). It will be systematically revealed piece by piece with each transaction until all 10927 elements are bought.

  • The painting will be placed in an art gallery until all NFT tokens (elements) are bought by one person.

  • The painting will be given to the person who will be verified as the owner of all tokens.

The owner of a wallet containing all items (10927 ART) will receive the grand prize. The prize will be paid automatically via the smart contract to the wallet containing all the pieces of the image.

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