Pieces of the picture

Number of tokens - total supply

ART 10,927 is the total supply

ART is reserved for buyers and sellers in the decentral-art market who will purchase a portion of the painting.
  • image consists of 10927 NFT
  • there are no additional tokens that could adversely affect the value of the image
  • the price of tokens increases in each subsequent session
There are four types of Rewards
  • 240 prizes in 19 purchasing sessions, total 10,560 ETH
  • 1,100 rewards for holding from 1 to 89 years
  • 11 rewards for accumulating tokens from 0.5% to 89%
  • Main prize for collecting all 10,927 tokens into one wallet.
  • Winning a VIP token will automatically refund 50% of the token price.

Fee 4.5%

The secondary market is trade between collectors, traders and speculators. For each transaction, 2% will be transferred to the company's wallet and 2.5% to the main prize wallet.
2.5% on each secondary market transaction increases the amount in the main prize wallet.
First fee
Second fee
2.5% - is used to top up the main prize portfolio
2,0% - transfer to the portal wallet