How to start

Connect your wallet, buy and sell ART tokens

Install the wallet

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How to buy a token

  • You can buy the token by paying with Ethereum

  • Session tokens are sold sequentially

  • You can choose and buy a token on the secondary market

Where is my token

  • You can find the location of your token on the image by opening the preview window of the whole image

  • You will see all your tokens with your wallet connected on the subpage

  • You can view each token by clicking on its ID number on the left

How to sell a token

  • You can trade tokens on the secondary market

  • You can put your token up for sale, you set the price yourself

  • You can buy tokens cheaper and sell them more expensive

Rewards in sessions

Prizes are awarded at the end of each session, and prizes are awarded randomly in each session. Session rewards are always ten times the amount you will pay when buying a token.

  • There are 240 prizes in sessions 1 to 19

  • Lowest Session Awards - 1st Prize 0.015 ETH

  • Top prizes in sessions - 89 prizes each 68,723 ETH

  • VIP Rewards is an automatic refund to the buyer's wallet 50% of the price paid for the token. VIP tokens have additional graphics.

After selling the last token of each session, the smart contract automatically awards prizes by paying out to the drawn wallets.

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