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Everything you should know about project

Welcome to the documentary site of Decentral Art

Decentral Art is a fully decentralized auctionised protocol built on the ERC-721 blockchain. Decentral Art is a protocol which allows everyone to buy, collect and trade the parts of painting in the NFT tokens. Decentral Art is powered by Art Token which supports management procedures. At the same time it offers few different types of rewards on the platform for collectors, traders and speculators.


Management refers to the process in which the rewards are managed by smart contracts.

After activation of the portal on Ethereum mainnet, it is impossible to change the contract, have influence on drawing of the 19 prizes in initial sessions, change the amount of the main prize for collectors or traders, change the prizes for collecting tokens, or perform any other changes.

Administrator of the site does not have the privileged access or any administrators key in the blockchain network. So a contract built by the developers of the decentral-art company, and saved as a contract in the blockchain can not be changed. Thus, every person who buys a piece of a painting has one hundred percent certainty that the terms of the contract will never change.

What is decentral-art project?

It’s a combination of real art and new technology.

The image was painted with oil paint on canvas. The photo of it has been taken with a 35x24mm matrix at 300dpi resolution with dimensions of 111500px na 58408px px. (6 512 492 000 mld px) It is divided into 10927 pieces, each measuring 426x650px. Each of these parts is a unique NFT - an ART token in the ERC-721 blockchain technology.

The full painting is hidden, so that no one knows what is painted until the painting is put together, by art collectors, dealers, or even speculators looking to buy tokens outright and sell to art dealers and collectors for a profit.

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