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Ethereum Blockchain is a decentralized, open platform based on blockchain technology, which allows for the creation and management of smart contracts and decentralized applications (dApps). It was created by Vitalik Buterin in 2015 as an alternative to Bitcoin, offering greater functionality and flexibility.

Ethereum Contract address:

Ethereum Bridge NFT ERC721

Ethereum Bridge $ART ERC223


The code of the contract is the implementation of an interface for the ERC20 token standard (Ethereum Request for Comments 20) in the Solidity language. The ERC20 standard defines a set of functions that must be implemented by a token in order to be compliant with this standard.

The code represents the ERC223ART smart contract based on the ERC223 standard. The main purpose of this contract is to manage an airdrop campaign and the sale of tokens during various phases. The contract includes events, variables, and functions that jointly control the airdrop process, token purchases, and decentralized airdrop payouts.

Events such as AirdropPayout and DecentralizedAirdropPayout are emitted when a user receives tokens from an airdrop or decentralized airdrop. Variables in the contract define various sales phases, token prices in these phases, the number of tokens allocated to the airdrop, information about users who received tokens from the airdrop, and other data related to token purchases and airdrops.

The contract includes various functions that allow for the initialization of the contract, the calculation of prices and the amount of tokens for each phase, checking the possibility of purchasing tokens, managing airdrops, decentralized airdrop payouts, and purchasing tokens with consideration for various phases and airdrops.

In summary, the ERC223ART smart contract is used to manage an airdrop campaign and the sale of tokens during different phases. The contract enables users to receive tokens from airdrops, purchase tokens during sales, and also withdraw tokens from decentralized airdrops. All elements of the contract work together to ensure the smooth operation of the airdrop process and token sales."

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