Virtual and real version.

All of the 10927 pieces of picture are unchangeable NFT tokens.

To win the main prize all parts of the painting need to be uncovered and all pieces need to be placed in only one wallet. There is a special reward for the person who will be the owner if this wallet.

The minimal amount of the reward is 9689,200775 ETH. The fee for the trade of tokens on the aftermarket is 2,5% for every transaction (also known as royalty). The income from the aftermarket fee is added automatically to the main reward and therefore the value of it will keep increasing.

The current amount of the reward is shown in the real time on top of the site and also projected in an art gallery where the painting is located. The main prize is the automatic payment of the entire reward by smart contract. The reward will be collected by the owner who has got all 10927 tokens. Additionally, an original painting of 1500 x 3000mm painted on canvas will be given to the owner of this wallet.

The image has been divided into layers in the technology used, among others, by google maps on layers. Thanks to this, the purchased token can be magnified and viewed in great approximation.

The digitized image has a huge size. The image resolution is 111500px by 58408px. 6,512 GPx. (6,512,492,000 million pixels)

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