Simple configuration

Anyone can buy a work of art


Any projector that can provide high image quality can be used. For example, this could be an EPSON type EV-155 laser projector with a brightness of 2,200 lumens. Unobtrusive, for ceiling or wall mounting.

Simple projector

For example, this could be the 2700 lumens EPSON ET-TW5825 lamp projector. Standard projector that can also be suspended from the ceiling or placed on a stand.

The projector gallery provides on its own.

Raspberry PI

Dedicated device for an art gallery. It will be specially programmed and prepared especially according to the requirements of an art gallery with a QR Code url in which there will be a wallet allowing for maintenance-free trade in works of art.


Continuous access of the decentralized work of art to the network is essential, this will be ensured by a regular Internet SIM card with LTE access inserted into the Raspberry Pi device, or a built-in antenna for the device.

The configured raspberry PI art gallery will receive from us. Sim card or Internet access on your own.


To join the network of modern decentralized art galleries, just create an art gallery account here: (url will be ctive soon)

  • Make a payment equivalent of $ 250 equivalent on the day of payment in ethereum currency ETH to the following address: 0xdD5775D8F839bDEEc91a0f7E47f3423752Ed6e4F

  • send us the address details to which we will send the device. mail: [email protected]

The constant connection of the work of art to the network will ensure that the images are shown in real time everywhere on the wall. This will enable peer to peer trading straight from the stake gallery.

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