Work at DecentralArt and employee payout management system.

Building a management system based on smart contract.

The recruitment process and human resource management. This tool is used to apply for a job with us, potential employees will submit their qualifications and skills through a simple form that includes name, email address, and cryptocurrency wallet address which will serve as the key identifier for the employee and also for the payment of the salary. The management team has access to this information, will assess the qualifications and skills of the potential employees, and then, through a voting process, make a decision on the employment.

Payout management

The management of employee payouts will also be carried out through the smart contract, independently from the board. The employee budget will be accumulated separately and will periodically collect funds from the company's profit wallet through the smart contract.

The amount of the payout for employees will not depend on the financial condition of the company, as the amount of the payout will be set individually for each employee at the beginning. However, in the employee budget, surpluses will be collected based on the financial condition of the company, and they will affect bonuses for employees.

The tool is currently under construction and planning some elements, so we will describe the exact operation after completion.

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