ART token

$ART Erc20

uni.decentral-art is a decentralized platform with its own ecosystem of sales, trade and rewards. The ART token is a reliable carrier of transaction data. To avoid problems and dependence on other systems, we implemented our own ART token - ERC-20 on the most liquid ethereum blockchain. The token was created to give the maximum user benefits.


The ART token is used to conclude transactions, each transaction on the uni.decentral-art and decentral-art platforms, and in the future meta.decentral-art (buy / sell / subscribe) is carried out using the ART token. Base commission - the ART token will be used to settle the commission for each transaction on related platforms.

Quantity and distribution

ART - a token in the ERC-20 protocol, introduced to the art investment market by the U.DCA platform. The number of ART tokens will be limited, we will mint 2 500 000 000 in the ethereum blockchain, it will be used to trade in works of art on the platform.


  • Total supply: 2 500 000 000 ART

  • Airdrop: 6 500 000 ART

  • Sale: 1 972 250 000 ART

  • Liquidity: 250 000 000 ART

  • Team use: 271 500 000 ART


$ART allocation is pre-determined according to the following table:

Phase I

AllocationPrice / ETHART Quantity

Stage I


25 000 000

Stage II


450 000 000

Phase II

AllocationPrice / ETHART Quantity

Stage I


88 500 000

Stage II


177 500 000

Stage III


210 000 000

Stage IV


235 000 000

Stage V


343 000 000

Stage VI


443 000 000

KYC Point (Know Your Customer):

In our commitment to secure transactions and in accordance with our efforts to combat money laundering, we would like to inform you that in the event of a user exceeding the amount of $500, we require the completion of a payer verification process. The purpose of this security measure is to ensure that all transactions are conducted in compliance with applicable regulations and standards related to preventing money laundering.

The payer verification process may include providing additional identity documents and supplying additional information to confirm the legality and source of funds. If you have any questions regarding this process, please contact our customer support department, which is available to assist with any issues related to transaction security

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation as we strive to maintain a secure financial environment for all our users.

FIAT - how to buy?

If we deem a transaction suspicious, we reserve the right to apply KYC procedures regardless of the transaction amount. This is part of our commitment to maintaining a secure financial environment and preventing potential illicit activities. Your cooperation in providing necessary information for the Know Your Customer process in such cases is appreciated as it contributes to the overall security and integrity of our services. If you have any concerns or questions, please feel free to contact our customer support for further assistance.

Cypto - Crypto How to SWAP

Token Art has a fixed exchange rate quoted to ethereum 1 ART = Σ ETH until the end of the stage. The price of 1 ART can be obtained by converting the ETH / USD exchange rate during a given session. Session issue will end when all tokens from the previous stage have been sold.


A 5.5% commission is deducted from each transaction in the secondary market trade with ART

  • The value is split and 2.0% is transferred to the main prize portfolio.

  • 3% it's a portal fee (Development, promotions, awards, marketing)

  • 0.5% is automatically burned, which reduces the number of ART tokens.


ETH and DAI, USDT, USDC obtained from the exchange to ART will be used to secure on a special wallet, and to buy tokens from the market (BuyBack), and then, together with ART tokens collected as a commission, will be redistributed to platform users in the form of additional prizes and promotions.

Token according to the Road Map / stage2

pageSTAGE 2

We will inform you when the ART token will be minted

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