Stage 1

Building a tool that allows you to buy NFT tokens of a real picture painted with oil paint on canvas. High resolution digitized and cut into pieces.

  • Works financed from own funds

Stage 1.1
  • 05.2021 to 07.2021

Tool design and design analysis

Stage 1.2
  • 07.2021 to 12.2021

Commencement of work

Stage 1.3
  • 12.2021 - 03.2022


Stage 1.4
  • 03.2022

Launching the tool

Stage 1.5
  • 09.2022

Build tools for placing an image in a gallery


The image will be moved between art galleries. The image will be partially obscured. It will be disclosed in the same part as on the web, so only sold pieces of the painting will be shown.

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