Polygon -> Ethereum -> Polygon

The bridge is used to transfer $ART

Transferring $ART from the Polygon network to the Ethereum network.

Using the Polygon network for minting NFTs brings many benefits, including significant savings compared to minting NFTs directly on the Ethereum network. Here are some of them:

Lower transaction fees: Transaction fees on the Polygon network are much lower than on Ethereum, allowing for the minting and transferring of large amounts of NFTs in a more cost-effective way.

The bridge is used to transfer NFT

Transferring NFT from the Polygon network to the Ethereum network

Time and money savings: Utilizing the Polygon network allows for the creation of NFT collections and the transfer of thousands of NFTs in a single transaction to the Ethereum network. This means fewer transaction fees and time savings for carrying out all transfers.

Greater accessibility: Thanks to lower costs, minting and transferring NFTs on the Polygon network becomes more accessible to a wider audience, which may increase interest in NFT collections and contribute to the growth of their value.

Using the Polygon network for creating NFT collections and transferring them to the Ethereum network is beneficial in terms of both savings and efficiency. With lower transaction fees, faster processing time, and greater accessibility, the Polygon network offers an attractive alternative for creators and collectors of NFTs.

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