LSD - Liqid Staking Dirivative

Stage 4

We are creating an LSD (Liquid Staking Derivative) tool, which allows the buyer to purchase ART tokens with ETH and become a staker. In exchange, they receive ART tokens, which they can manage and trade freely on the uni.decentral-art market. This allows investors to earn both on their ETH deposit in staking and on trading works of art.

Stage 4.1 / LSD
  • 1Q 2023

Tool design and design analysis

Stage 4.2 / UNI
  • 2Q.2023

Commencement of work

Stage 4.3 / UNI
  • 12.2023 to 01.2024


Stage 4.4 / UNI
  • 1Q 2023

Launching the tool

Stage 4.5 / UNI
  • 1Q.2023

Launching the ART


This will allow art lovers who do not have such a large budget to buy expensive paintings of their favorite artists.Works financed from own funds

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